Workbook Activity

I have been looking at various books on doctoral research and, while I had downloaded a few for my Kindle, they were mostly books on PhDs – helpful but I needed something more specific to professional doctorates. So yesterday I came across The Professional Doctorate by John Fulton, Judith Kuit, Gail Sanders and Peter Smith […]

Genesis (areligious)

Sections Introduction The Public Sector Decision Making Summary Introduction According to a range of researchers, writers and psychologists, getting ideas down on paper (or via an iPhone as was the case with this post) helps the thought processes; so I wanted to set down the reasons for undertaking my doctoral program. This is my attempt […]


The purpose of this site was to put down certain notes when I was researching for my MA in Business. It never really took hold, but having commenced a doctoral programme, in Professional Practice, I have decided to try again. Purpose This site will be a home for comments on research papers I find, I already […]

Opportunity Cost (choices)

In today’s public sector, organisational resources are at a premium; many rounds of savings, or budget reductions, have left structures at a point where the so-called ‘critical mass’ is under strain. By critical mass I refer to the point where organisational resources are being expended at a rate which maintains a forward momentum; falling below […]